• 5: Pennywise In The Back

    The original Bubblesorters assemble to discuss the podcasting ad-polypse, 3D Photography and discuss Vic ripping up his deck while John is sweating to death in his sound booth. John also […]

  • 4: Clay’s Steamy Deck

    Clay, Vic, and Scott start off light by talking about our impending human extinction. Then they move on to how to tell them apart, Clay’s Ratatouille, Scott’s new accidental cat, […]

  • 3: John’s Buried in the Sound Booth

    Scott, Vic and John discuss John’s most ambitious and potentially crazy podcasting project: designing and building his own custom Sound Booth. We discuss what possessed him to do this, the […]

  • 2: Your Closet’s Bigger Than Mine

    Scott, Ronnie and John discuss the various podcast creation tools they each use and have used in the past as well as Ronnie’s new Mac and some further discussion on […]

  • 1: Socially Tolerated

    Scott, Clay and John assemble for the first time in one place to discuss everything from the social acceptability of VR headset usage to eyewear prescriptions, and a bunch of […]